About Us

Yoga On The Wallkill, founded in 2009, is a place of peace, self-love and acceptance. The goal of Yoga On The Walkill is to provide a yoga experience that unites body, mind and spirit. Each class includes: centering meditation, breathwork, yoga exercises and deep relaxation. Our teachers are united in a desire to help you find your path to better health, mental clarity and less stress. Our experienced instructors incorporate their own unique styles and approaches. We offer a host of yoga classes, workshops and retreats for our growing community.  We welcome people of all backgrounds to train body, mind and spirit in a nurturing yet challenging practice. Those who choose Yoga On The Wallkill will become flexible and strong in body, mind and spirit.


We would like to welcome yoga instructors Lori Beers and Danielle Truscello to the Yoga On The Wallkill Family! Bios and photos coming soon!

Susan Olsen

Tim Shannon

Liesi Shannon

Ron Sperber

Barbara Boyer

Yvette Smith

Jenna Davis

Danielle Truscello