Friday June 7th Breathwork and Sound Healing with Ananda Priti. 6:30 -8pm $35

Transformational Breathwork
Breath is our life force. It connects us to the deepest part of ourselves. Breath is there for us, whether we’re conscious of it or not—but if we learn to access the breath, we can use it as our superpower.
Embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and healing through the immersive experience of Transformational Breathwork. Ananda Priti expertly guides you through a circular breath technique, supported by uplifting words and a vibrant playlist, enriching your practice. As you synchronize breath and spirit, explore inner landscapes, shedding stress and tension. Feel the boundless freedom, lightness of being, and a clarity that uplifts, invoking love, peace, and an unburdened mind.
Following your Breathwork practice, Ananda  will then orchestrate an immersive soothing sound Bath with healing vibrations that fill the room and body,  leading you into deep relaxation and having a unique transformative experience.
Dress comfortably, bring your favorite blanket, eye mask, palm stones, journal & water.
Contraindications that are not safe to practice Breathwork with: Cardiovascular disease (angina, previous heart attacks, or strokes), high blood pressure, detached vision retina, glaucoma, pregnant, asthma- if you are asthmatic, you are welcome to attend providing you bring your inhaler. Prior diagnosis of bipolar disorder, schizophrenia or previous psychiatric condition.

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